Care Package Shipped!

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The care package full of jerky, nuts, and other goodies for Eric Aldred shipped out last week. Thank you to everyone who contributed in some manner to Eric’s Iraq care package and we raised over $500!! I hope it helps just a bit in easing the upcoming challenges. Good luck Eric, stay safe, and let us know how you are … Read More

Benchmark Test, Week of October 3rd

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We are a week and half from the next bench mark test, Monday, October 3rd. Scott has created another unique test to target our daily training until the retest in Thanksgiving. Scott will be releasing a new article to members about tapering next week. Tapering is altering your training before an competitive event to perform your best at the event. … Read More

Running: Learn To Enjoy It & Get Faster!

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Gym member Tami incorporated Pose Running techniques and took part in Crossfit Portland’s Summer Mile Challenge. She shaved 34 seconds off her mile time, and she’s also seen a ton of other benefits. As she writes: I’ve been a casual runner since high school. Running has always been an easy way to stay in shape, but I never really focused … Read More

Carbs, Curls and Cardio, Part II: Curls

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It’s often been said that there’s overreaction in the short-term and under-reaction in the long term. We’ve definitely seen this with regards to the modern functional exercise approach and Paleo dieting. In part I we looked at the changing perspective on carbs. Now, in part II, we’re going to examine our second topic: curls! (or isolation exercises in general)

Where did … Read More