Fun in the Sun

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I am in Scottsdale, AZ this weekend to begin the first of the OPT CCP Level 2 modules. The 100+ degree heat is a bit of a shock after the cool temperatures we’ve been having in the Northwest! A little known fact – Ultraviolet rays from the sun increase blood levels of natural opiates called endorphins. Melanocytes in human skin … Read More

Lone Wolf

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Morgan is one of a few individuals hammering away at the Sports WOD. The Sports WOD is a program designed for athletes requiring speed, power, and agility. Scott writes the program and the individuals who want to follow it come in to the gym and do the work. This is similar to the Games Training workouts or individualized program design. … Read More

Taking a Break

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Warm Up 1) Your Choice – 3 min 2) Inchworms 5/5 Shinbox Switches Pass-Thrus Mobility Instructor’s Choice WOD Row 1000m x 3 @ 95% active rest 15 min between rows, do dynamic mobility work if possible on your hips. Try to keep the same pace on all 3 rows! ##### Plateauing in weight loss Everyone eventually reaches a plateau when … Read More

Goodbye Hannah!

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Hannah’s last day was yesterday and she had a special going away to college workout planned for her. It sounded like a lot of fun and hopefully pics were taken. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there and don’t have any! Hannah we will dearly miss your presence at CF PDX. The effort, the willingness to train hard, and your positive attitude to … Read More