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Warm Up 1) 4 min Joint Mobility, instructor’s choice Mobility 60 steps each: Heel, Blade, and Instep Walks WOD Run 1200m easy + Complete all tasks, you choose the order: • 25/25 Turkish Get-Ups + Arm Bar, perfect form w/scaps retracted/depressed. • 3 x 30 Abmat Situps, legs butterfly • 2 trips Crocodile Pushups • 3 x 10 + 10 … Read More

Still Standing

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In the second installment of optimal post-workout recovery fueling, we’ll look first at why, and then what to do after workouts that are more endurance oriented. After a hard metcon, your body’s needs are different than if you did primarily a strength workout. You likely burned far more glycogen (stored carbohydrates) and may have more cellular damage to repair. We’ll … Read More

Who’s Who: Dean!

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Warm Up 1) Row 600m easy 2) Squat Sequence Mobility Hip mobility, instructor’s choice WOD A. Pistols – 10 min practice. Do ~25 reps per leg, in sets of 3-5. If advanced, add weight or try OH pistol. + Row 10 min for max calories + Hip mobility work before or after rows. For this Who’s Who we have Dean! … Read More

Where’s Scott?

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Scott travels frequently to continue his education as a coach and expert on strength, mobility and conditioning. “Where’s Scott?” will let you know where he’s gone and with what experts he’s studying. Scott was in Scottsdale, Arizona, this weekend to begin the Level 2 Coaching Certification Program (CCP) at James FitzGerald’s new Regenerate (formerly OPT) center. Scott’s the only Level … Read More