5 Tips From OPT’s LEVEL II CCP

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Scott returned from OPT’s first Level II CCP seminar last weekend. He’s currently one of only three Level II coaches in training on the West Coast. The OPT Coaches Certification Program, designed and run by Crossfit Games champion James FitzGerald, is helping Scott take to a new level his knowledge and application of nutrition protocols, lifestyle consulting, physical assessment, exercise … Read More

Sean D. Making Progess Daily

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We like to share the successes, progress, and gains that members make. Here’s Sean D.’s story… I wanted to start by thanking everyone at Crossfit PDX for the goals I have achieved throughout my duration at the gym. Thanks go not just to the coaches, but the community as well. There’s something about having a communal workout experience that drives … Read More

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Warm Up 1) run 800m 2) Squat Seq WOD 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of Front Squat (use 70% of 1RM) Perform one rope climb b/t each round.

We Stand For This

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Still taking ideas for words! Post to comments Warm Up 1) Run Sequence 2) Shoulder Sequence Mobility 3 rounds: Ginga Lunge Stretch Bench Pigeon WOD A1. Push Press: 3 x 5 @21X1, rest 2 min A2. Front Lever Hold: 3 x amsap-1, rest 2 min + Run 400m x 4, rest 3 min. Perform runs @ 70%, 90%, 75%, 100% … Read More