PR’ed Without Lifting A Pound More

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Here is a tool to help you with the challenge of this week. Remember, I reversed the tower so the biggest weight (the one you end up moving the most) is on top now 🙂 Full rules are on Sunday’s blog post. Warm Up 1) Run 600m 2) Squat Seq 3) Bar Complex, Clean Mobility Band Int Rotation x 10 … Read More

PR Roll 7-10 to 7-23

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Two weeks of training come and gone, have you made progress? I apologize if I left anybody out, these were just the self-recorded Personal Records off the whiteboard. I do like how the male/female ratio of PRs are becoming more equal. Looking forward to the next two weeks – keep moving forward and keep having fun too! Brittany – Deadlift … Read More

Challenge of the Week #4 – Reverse Tower of Hanoi

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Updated Sunday Afternoon, July 24th, it’s harder now Challenge of the Week #4 – Tower of Hanoi. Jess, my wife-to-be and idea generator, came up with this adaption of a traditional childhood puzzle game. This will be the first challenge where you can have a partner. Tower of Hanoi is a mathematical game or puzzle. It consists of three rods, … Read More

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Kyle Eertmoed, “Hurtmoed”, from Windy City CrossFit. One of my best friends in life. He’ll be in classes next week…tell him why he should move to Portland 🙂 Warm Up 1) Shoulder Sequence, modified Mobility Wrist Series WOD Handstand Skill Day A. Wrist Series x 2 B. Body Line Work C. Wall Holds D. Re-Balancing Drills E. Endurance Sets + … Read More