Falling Is Faster

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Warm Up 1) Row or ride 3 min 2) Shoulder Sequence 3) Crab Walk, hips high – 1 trip Mobility 90/90 hip stretch 5/5 Shinbox switches 10/10 Leg Shoots Cobra to Downdog x 3 WOD A. Push Progression or A. Bench Press: 4 x amrap @ bwt(M), 3/4bwt(W), rest 2 min + Teams of 2: Row 6k Switch rowers every … Read More

Beth’s Birthday Bash

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Beth is inviting you to her birthday party this Saturday, June 4th @ 8 pm at the Bye and Bye on NE Alberta. Should be a ton of fun and everyone is welcome! If anyone has any questions, Facebook Tracy McWhinney. Warm Up 1) jump rope 3 min 2) Squat Sequence 3) SL Glute Bridge x 10 + 10 sec … Read More