These Are Not Burpees

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A few questions I’ve heard about the Smoking Hot Mile race. Do I need to attend Madoc’s running class to do this? No! You can sign up, do your own thing and just retest in August. What if I can’t make Saturday or Sunday on June 18th? No problem, you can just run it a few days before or after … Read More

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As Regionals approaches, we’ll be highlighting the men and women who will be competing. Get a little inside their heads and see why they like to exercise competitively! But first, Scott takes us back, way back, to the Ye Ol’ Days of CrossFit competition. I’m excited for the upcoming Regional event! I am particularly proud of our athletes – you … Read More

CFPDX Games Team@Regionals

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Congratulations to Hanna Brown who just graduated from high school this past Saturday! Laura Silverton will be moving to New York and this week will be her last week. Best of luck on your move! Seems like it was just yesterday that we finished the Games Open series and found out we qualified a team for Regionals (June 10th-12th, Puyallup, … Read More

Smoking Hot Mile Race

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We are kicking off a series of fitness challenges with the Smoking Hot Mile this summer. Madoc, running coach and nice guy, wants you to join him in running faster than you have before. Starting June 18th, you have until August 13th (8 weeks) to break your personal mile barrier! The challenge starts on the 18th and 19th of June, … Read More