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Later today, Scott will be posting a review of CrossFit Portland’s Regional experience. Scott spent all weekend cooking and taking care of the details so we can focus on the task at hand. Thanks Scott! Also, we are trying to collect all pictures from Regionals and upload them into one set on Flickr. Warm Up 1) Your choice – 3 … Read More

Say A Little Prayer

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A quick update, we are in 9th after Day 1. Got 16th on WOD 1 and only 6 seconds separated 9th and 16th! Both Nick and Steph PR’ed on their HSPU. WOD 2 Eric and Artie combined for a 390 total, 3rd place!, and bumped us up into 9th. Tomorrow, we fight to stay in the top 10 and be … Read More

Regionals Individual WOD #1

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Ted has volunteered to be the designated Twitter/Facebook update person from Regionals. He’ll be posting real time updates/pictures to Facebook and Twitter (@TeddyCrossfit) if you want to follow the action live! Warm Up 1) Run Seq 2) Shoulder Seq Mobility 40 steps each: blade, instep, and heel walks + Thread the Needle Rolls x 5/5 + 20 sec + Death … Read More

Last, But Not Least

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Nick G – If ever you needed someone to do a third workout before lunch, Nick isn’t your guy anymore. A year older, wiser, and better for it. Nick G has your back! What motivates you to compete in the CrossFit Games? After the Games last year, I have been motivated to get back to the Arena floor with less … Read More