Games Training 2012

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Games training 2012 commences this week. There are several changes to our approach this year. The biggest change you’ll notice is that some of the Games prep workouts will be done with the regular 201 class. Usually, at least 2 WODs per week will be combined with the classes. Some of these combined workouts may be slightly different for the … Read More

Reflections From CrossFit Competition

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A week ago, I had lost my voice yelling at Northwest CrossFit Regionals, my first high stakes CrossFit competition. I went to the bathroom more than a newborn baby that weekend. It was an amazing new competitive experience that exceeded my expectations and was much more difficult than I imagined it could be. I’ve played opponent-dependent sports my whole life … Read More

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Saturday WOD is posted, what?!?! It seems like there is a contingent consistently pushing each other on the blog so why not. Oh, I tried out beyond the whiteboard and it was rather difficult to create the style of workouts we do. If someone is familiar with it, I would love to get some help! Mile Racers, don’t forget to … Read More

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Saturday is “Amanda”, a workout high in the technical skill and strength department to complete, let alone complete quickly. I can’t say this enough – PACE YOURSELF! XX will be coaching weightlifting “sessions”, MW, 5:30-6:30 PM. Snatch, Clean, Jerk, Squatting. Lets start Monday, June 20th? I’ll add it to the schedule as soon as the site starts working!! “Sign Up … Read More