All Together Now

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Roche did a fun trick at the end of her class last night. Everybody made one last attempt, Together, at their PR weight for power cleans. Seems to have worked out pretty well I think. That’s a lot of PR tats! Warm Up 1) 3 min – your choice 2) 20 Good Mornings w/PVC 20 Pass-Thrus 20 OH Squats PVC … Read More

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Warm Up 1) Run 800m 2) Bar Complex, clean Mobility Supine Scorpion x 5/5 + 30 sec Lizard Lunge x 5/5 Death Stretch WOD A. Power Clean: work to a max in 30 minutes. Good form, rest. + B. 3 minute Burpee test: AMRAP!

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Weightlifting at 5:30 PM today! I’m still waiting for the first brave gal to join us 🙂 Warm Up 1) 3 min Jump Rope – work on crossovers 2) Shoulder Seq Mobility Bear crawl x 1 trip Crab Walk, High Hips x 1 trip Prone Scorpion x 5/5 WOD Teams of 3, complete 5 rounds each: AMRAP Knees to Elbows … Read More

Who’s Who: Sean D.!

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First weightlifting class last night and thanks to all those that came. Eric, nice job on hitting a legit PR of 155# in the squat snatch. 165# was plenty high too! Warm Up 1) Your choice – 3 min 2) Squat Seq 3) 2 rounds: Ginga Lunge x 10 + 10 sec Inchworms x 3 Mobility 2 rounds: 10/10 Shinbox … Read More