6:00 AM Classes!

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Early risers, we are responding to your desire to get your wod on at 6:00 AM. Starting Monday July 11, all weekday classes will start at 6:00 AM. Somebody bring me a Java stim… Weighlifting is fun! Thanks to everyone for coming. I’m starting to feel my capacity for 1 hour and how many people I can coach. Starting Wednesday, … Read More

CF PDX Triathlon?

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This week’s challenge is heating up. Matt I. last night posted a record time of 14.93 at 155#. I’m not sure if anyone is going to chase that down but today would be a great day to find out. Girls are just shy but we have some takers. Elisa and Katie both did the challenge and Katie with an impressive … Read More

Push, Pull, and Hold On…

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The next phase of construction at Crossfit Portland will be beginning shortly! The pit area platform and the stairs to the mezzanine will be installed next. We’ll also be building a reception area near the front. The final piece will be the upstairs office and kitchen/lounge area. (where the office is now is actually supposed to be the utility room) … Read More

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Warm Up 1) Run Seq 2) 3 rounds: 10 Kip Swings 10 Steps Sampson Lunge 10 Stiff-Leg Burpees Mobility Instructor’s Choice WOD Team Pyramid “Helen” – teams of 3, one athlete works at a time. Work can be divided b/t team members however you choose, but complete the exercises in order: 1200m run 63 KB Swings 53/36lb 36 Pullups 800m … Read More