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Madoc and I witnessed some epic stuff Wednesday evening with the Prowler pushes. It didn’t sound like many people realized how hard 20 seconds x 8 (that’s just 2:20 of total work) could be. What does the day after feel like? Warm Up 1) Run, Row, Ride 5 min 2) Squat Sequence Mobility 2 rounds: 5/5 Cossack Squats 5/5 Cossack … Read More

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The Sport WOD has started! A couple of athletes at the gym are following Scott’s Sport WOD program. The Sport WOD is designed for explosive sports requiring a combination of power and endurance. It is different programming than the daily class WOD and will achieve different results. Michael F., Ultimate Frisbee, doing his Sport WOD weekly assignment. Warm Up 1) … Read More

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Next Paleo Challenge starts May 28th, Saturday. Deadline to sign up is May 21st. Sunday Open Gyms will have a suggested WOD from now on. For instance this Sunday, it will be a full on O-lifting session. Can we get shirts off and creative celebratory dances like these guys? Maybe not but lifting like them would be a good start. … Read More

We’re 29th! (Unofficially)

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All scores have been submitted, all results are in, and barring any miscalculations, we are Unofficially 29th! Top 30 get invited to Regionals…I’m just waiting for that special email from CrossFit HQ. Regionals is June 10th-12th, at Puyallup, WA. Three days, multiple workouts probably, and a chance to compete in a much different environment. One shot, no second chances! No … Read More