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Squat heavy, full depth, and often…get your butt on the right track. Congrats to all those back squat PRs yesterday! I’ve got PR awards for you all, you’ve earned it. Can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail! Warm Up 1) 3 min – your choice 2) Bar Complex Mobility Thread the Needle Rolls x 5/5 Wall Slides: 2 … Read More

Who’s Who: Gus!

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Warm Up 1) Run 800m 2) Squat Seq. 3) Ginga Lunge 10/10 4) Squat to Stand drill Mobility Crossleg sitting 1 min ea. Death Stretch WOD Beginners: A. Back Squat: 5 x 5 @ 31X0, rest 2 min or Int/Adv athletes: A. Back Squat: find your 1RM + B. DB Split Squat: 3 x 8/8 @ 3010, rest 60 sec … Read More

Sunday Lifting & Running

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Sunday’s Open Gym suggested workout is a full on lifting hour. We warm up at 11:00. At 12:00, Madoc takes over and running technique class begins. I hope the weather forecast is wrong…I want to enjoy an imperial pint of strawberry rhubarb cider, OUTSIDE, at Burnside Brewery’s all Sunday happy hour.

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Hip Hop Dance class with Kaitlyn starts next week Friday. Sign up now! Setting Goals workshop with Rochelle is tomorrow, Saturday, at 12:30 Pm. Sign up now! Warm Up 1) For 6 min: Sampson Lunge down Inchworm back Bear Crawl down Crab Walk back Mobility Prone Scorpions x 5/5 Locust x 20/20 Elbow Rotations in Pushup Position x 10/10 Wall … Read More