Love that Bar Complex!

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I’m happy to see people signing up and showing up for the running skills class. For those of you who show up on a regular basis, those videos that I have been taking will mean something done the road. They’ll be especially useful if you are doing the homework that I am assigning at the end of each class. Cadence … Read More

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Warm Up 1) Your choice 3 min warmup 2) Shoulder Seq Mobility Ginga Lunge x 10 + 10 Prone Scorpions x 4/4 slow WOD A. Push Progression or A. Ring Dips (wtd if needed): 5 x 2-3 @ 31X1, rest 90 sec + 4 rounds: Run 400m 15 Strict Presses  95/60 lb 20m Strict, Extended Inchworms

World of Warcraft

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Scott shares some thoughts about Shiv and Raminta’s progress on Paleo and their concerns. Congrats, guys – that’s awesome! Regarding your concerns – there are likely a lot of factors potentially in play here, but you may well continue right to your goal without any troubles. Some people need to take extra steps, but so far you both seem to … Read More

Shiv and Raminta, Big Changes

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Raminta and I have both battled weight (*cough*fat*cough*) our entire adult lives, and no level of activity nor diet has ever allowed us to reduce our fat anywhere near the levels we desired. At my most active, I was playing ultimate 3-4 times weekly all year long, including as many as 15-20 weekend tournaments, but I always carried a moderate … Read More