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Meaghen, you forgot your glasses after the Team WOD yesterday. You also forgot your PR tattoo for getting to the next level on the pull up progression. Nice work! Warm Up 1) jog 600m 2) Kneeling Ginga Lunge x 10 +10 sec 3) Bar Complex Mobility Death Stretch Wall Slides 2 x 10 WOD A. Push Progression or A. Ring … Read More

On Quest For Gluten Free Boiled Jiao Zi

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I love Chinese boiled dumplings (jiao zi). Steamed are good, pan fried (pot stickers because the dough is seared black to the fan) are also good, but boiled are my favorites. I haven’t found, and I doubt, any Chinese restaurant would serve gluten-free dumplings so when I have them, it is an indulge fest with some bloating consequences. I got … Read More

Lone Gun Salute

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6:30 AM class on Memorial Day Monday, May 30th is canceled. All other classes are as scheduled. Sunday Open gym 11 AM and Running Technique training at 12:00 with Madoc.

Dawn’s first pull up, and then some!

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Dawn nails her first dead hang pull up after the grueling barbell complex, then gets two more a few minutes later! Nice work! Warm Up 1) Jog 600m 2) Shoulder seq 3) Bar complex w/PVC, 5 reps only Mobility Inchworm to Lizzard lunge L/R – 2 trips KB Halos x 10/10 Cuban Press: 2 x 10 @ 4010 – add … Read More