Aerobic Power

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Maximal Aerobic Power workouts are designed to increase the percentage of your aerobic capacity that can be used for an event or effort. This would typically be done with a form of monostructural training such as running, rowing, or cycling. However, we often will use mixed functional movements to achieve the same or even better effect. Today’s workout involves strength … Read More

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Just two weeks left, two workouts still unknown in the Games Open series. We started at 30th, right on the bubble, and managed to stay at 30th after week 4. One point behind 29th place and 5 points ahead of 31st place. Every rep will make a difference in these last two shots! Warm Up 1) Run Seq 2) Squat … Read More

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Warm Up 1) 1 trip each: Bear Crawl Crab Walk Inchworm Squat Creep 2) 2 rounds: Ginga Lunge x 10 + 10 sec SL Glute Bridge x 10 + 10 sec Sampson Lunge x 5/5 30 sec Low Squat Mobility ARPAP in remaining time: 10 Prone Pass-Thrus 10 OH Squats (PVC) 1 min L/1 min R Death Stretch WOD A1. … Read More

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Warm Up 1) Your choice: row, run, ride, or rope – 3 min 2) 10 Kneeling Lunge Stretch + 10 sec 10 Single Leg Good Morning Stretch + 10 sec 10 Atomic Pass-Thrus Mobility Death Stretch focus WOD 4 Rounds: 10 Pullups 10 Wallballs rest 5 min when complete + 5 Rounds: 10 KB Swings 53/36lbs 10 Situps rest 5 … Read More