Just One More

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This is the last week of the Games Open Series and the past 5 weeks have been mind boggling in the overwhelming number of people pushing themselves and each other past previous limits. Every week, someone was faced with a challenge they could have walked away from if not for the competition of the Games. Instead, they chose to face … Read More

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CrossFit For Looks! Scott will be giving a free talk on how CrossFit shapes a person’s physique and how it can help/hinder your progress towards certain figures. If you desire a certain body shape, don’t miss this talk! Open to anyone, members and non-members, spots are limited. May 14th, Saturday, 12:30 PM, sign up online. 8,9, 10 am classes this … Read More

A Runner Getting Faster and Faster

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I got one of those emails that makes me love my job. I wanted to share it, especially for any of you runners out there who are curious about CrossFit. Thanks again Dawn for believing! I can’t wait to see where you will be after some running technique classes with Madoc. Hey Xi Xia I just wanted to send you … Read More

Games WOD #5 and #6

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Games Wod #5 is a 20 minute AMRAP! I didn’t think they would go there…that’s a whole episode of the Colbert Report or internet judge someone’s workout. Official print rules Video instructions Demo workout with Rebecca Voight, 8th(?) place finisher at the Games last year. And CrossFit just couldn’t wait to tell you about the final workout either…Fran! sort of… … Read More