Team 150 And Counting

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2-4-2011 Pullup work Teams of 2, each partner does ALL once, then switch: 50 Double-Unders/100 single skips 25 Knees to Elbows 30 Box Jumps 20″ 35 Med Ball Toss Situps ~6-10lbs 25 Burpees 50 double Unders/100 single skips + Handstand skill work: practice Wall Handstands Handstand walking Free Handstands Frog Stands Mobility: Wrist Pushups x 10 1st Knuckle Pushups x … Read More

Highway MPG

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2-3-2011 3 Rounds for time, keep a steady pace-no redlining: Run 800m 50 KB Swings 36/36lbs 50 Situps + Cuban Presses: 3 x 5 @ 4010, rest ~ 90 sec Mobility: Pass-Thru Stretch x 10+10″” + 25/25/25 Toe lifts, back against wall. 25 each – fwd, outward, inward

Brock Rocks!

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2-2-2011 Announcement: In preparation for the move, please start to take your belongings home with you. This includes lost and found, WOD books, water bottles, and any other odds and ends. When the move happens (sometime in February) we will donate anything left behind to Goodwill. Did I mention that includes water bottles? Pullup Work A. Power Snatch: work up … Read More