Xi Xia is out of ideas for a blog title…

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2-16-2011 Submit potential post titles to comments by 6pm and we’ll put the best one up this evening by 6:30 PM Warmup 1) your choice 3 min warmup 2) Bar complex warmup 3) 2 rounds: Ginga Lunge Stretch x 10 + 10 sec Single Leg glute Bridge x 10 + 10 sec Have knee elevated on 2nd round of Ginga! … Read More

Who’s Who: Alex E!

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2-15-2011 Warmup 1) jog 400m 2) shoulder sequence WOD AMRAP in 10 min: Run 200m 7 L-Pullups 10 min intermission, stay active, stretch/mobility AMRAP in 10 min: Row 250m 7 Strict Presses 95/63 lbs Mobility 3 rounds: Cobra stretch x 20 sec Elevated Scorpion x 5/5 Shinbox Switch x 3/3 How were you introduced to Crossfit? A lovely little gal … Read More

Heart Colors

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2-14-2011 REMINDER: In preparation for the move, please start to take your belongings home with you. This includes lost and found, WOD books, water bottles, and any other odds and ends. When the move happens (hopefully the 19th or 26th) we will donate anything left behind to Goodwill. Did I mention that includes water bottles? Warmup 1) 3 min joint … Read More

Tri Less

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2-11-2011 A. Thrusters: work up to a heavy single. + For time: Sprint 400m 15-12-9 rep rounds: Thrusters 95/65lb Pullups Sprint 400m (thanks, Jason!) Mobility: 50 steps each: blade, heel, and instep walks + 2 x 10 wrist pushups Break the news – your triathlete friend does not need to be a martyr to their training every week.