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Warmup 1) jog 800m 2) Bar sequence Mobility Downdog to Cobra x3 Shinbox Switch x 5/5 Mtn Climber Twist x 5/5 WOD Partner WOD, teams of 2 complete a total of: 60 Bodyweight Back Squats Row 2000m 200 Pushups Only one partner works at a time, you may fraction and switch between the exercises in any fashion.

T Minus A Few Days!

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2-21-2011 We are moving this week! You got the email about the two possible move scenarios? It’s posted on the “Events” column to the right. Stay tuned to the blog and your emails for more info. Warmup 1) jog 400m 2) Squat seq. 3) 2 trips inchworms Mobility 2 rounds: Wrist pushups x 10 1st Knuckle pushups x 10 + … Read More

Powder Blue

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2-18-2011 Warmup 1) run 400m 2) Run sequence warmup 3) 2 rounds: Inchworm x 6 Cobra x 20 sec Downdog shoulder stretch x 20 sec WOD 1 mile sandbag carry for time. Use 50-75% bwt, try not to set the bag down! + Skill work – practice the following, either before or after your carry: Handstands Handstand Walking Frog Stands … Read More

Move Update, Not 2/19

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2-17-2011 We are not moving this Saturday, 2/19. We might be moving before 2/26 though. REMINDER: In preparation for the move, please start to take your belongings home with you. This includes lost and found, WOD books, water bottles, and any other odds and ends. When the move happens we will donate anything left behind to Goodwill. Did I mention … Read More