Who’s Who: Shannon L!

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12-27-2010 10 Rounds for load: 7 OH Squats 7 Toes to Bar Rest as needed, sets must be unbroken. Score is total volume divided by your bodyweight. Mobility: Thread the needle + Seal stretch/cobra to down dog Do 2-4 x of this series. How were you introduced to Crossfit? I was going to school at Linfield School of Nursing. One … Read More

Dan, The Man

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12-23-2010 My friend Dan is visiting family in Oregon this holiday season and we met up for lunch yesterday. I knew he had been doing the Paleo Challenge with Rochelle for the past six weeks and wanted to see how he was doing. Dan has struggled with weight for the past six years, a struggle with behavior and also finding … Read More

Sack of Potatoes

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12-22-2010 “A. Squat Clean + Split Jerk: take plenty of time to work up to a 1 RM. + Sandbag Get-Up test: max reps in 7 min @ 1/2 bwt. + Cuban Press: 2 x 5 @ 40X1, rest 90 sec. Try to add wt. from last week.” Mobility: 5 min low squat Contrary to rumors, Scott still loves inflicting … Read More