Paleo Pumpkin Pie

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11-24-2010 Reminder of the 8:30 AM start time to class on Thanksgiving. Sign up online. A. Three Position Squat Snatch: 8 x 1.1.1 (high hang, below the knee, floor) rest 2-3 min as needed. + B. Row Sprints: 200m x 3, rest 2 min + C. 3 rounds for speed: 9 Burpees 15 Situps 21 Double Unders rest 90 sec … Read More

8:30 AM Added to Thanksgiving Schedule

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11-23-2010 We’ve added a 8:30 AM start time to the Thanksgiving holiday schedule. Looks like everyone wants to hit the Thanksgiving meal with very sore muscles. Don’t forget to email Kristi by November 29th to be in the Secret Santa exchange on December 18th Make up yesterday’s lifting if you missed it. A. KB Swing: 3 x 20, rest 90 … Read More

Who’s Who: Tom!

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11-22-2010 A. Three Position Squat Clean: 6 x 1.1.1 (high hang, below the knee, floor) rest 2-3 min as needed. B. Thrusters: 3 x 1, rest 2-3 min Go heavy! + “Death by Pullup” Do one pullup the first minute, two the second, etc. How long can you go? How were you introduced to Crossfit? I first heard about Crossfit … Read More

Tomorrow, Team Workout

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11-19-2010 Gym Secret Santa it is…more info coming soon on how to participate A. Back Squat: 3 x 5 @ ~75%, rest 3 min + Your choice: Run 6 laps @ recovery pace OR Row 3k @ recovery pace OR Airdyne 12 min @ recovery pace Follow your aerobic selection with 2-3 rounds: Lunge-Reach stretch: 10 reps + 10 sec … Read More