Who’s Who: Officer Brad!

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10-5-2010 “Misconception 1: Grains and dairy are particularly nutritious Misconception 2: One will experience some kind of deficiency without grains, legumes, and dairy in the diet. Misconception 3: The only place to get dietary fiber is grains and legumes.” -Robb Wolf, 2010, The Paleo Solution Find your power clean max if you didn’t yesterday. Loaded stretching: 4 rounds, no resting … Read More


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10-4-2010 “Here is what I’ve observed working with people: They will give the Paleo Solution a shot, look, feel, and perform better than they have in years, and then talk to a a know-it-all friend, family member, or doctor and get scared that a lack of grain will somehow kill them.” -Robb Wolf, 2010, The Paleo Solution A. Power Clean: … Read More