Health Hole

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10-1-2010 “At this point, I’d been eating Paleo for about six weeks. When my blood work came back, my doctor and I were beside ourselves. Triglycerides were down from over 300 to 50… the doctor asked what I’d changed. ‘I started eating a Paleo diet. I feel great!’ I said (Robb Wolf). Everything has changed!’ The doctor’s only remark was, … Read More

Sugar Rocks

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9-30-2010 “She overcame that addiction only to succumb to a massive sugar addiction. She started working on her food, and in her own words, she found kicking sugar and refined grains to be much harder than quitting crack.” -Robb Wolf, 2010, The Paleo Solution USAW/CrossFit Open competition starts off tomorrow morning, Friday. Free live stream from, 8:30 AM PT. … Read More

Sunny in Hood River This Saturday

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9-29-2010 Chad, Leah, Kaitlyn, and Cole are going to the Gorge Challenge in Hood River this Saturday. Spots still available. Are you going? Post to comments A. 3 Position Power Snatch: 5 x 1.1.1; rest ~2 min (high hang, mid-thigh, floor) + 3 Rounds: Run 200m 10 Overhead Squats 135/95lbs rest 90 sec b/t rounds Mobility: 2 circuits: Thread the … Read More

Who’s Who: Thomas!

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“Your protein needs to have the following criteria: 1. It needs a face 2. It needs a soul 3. You need to kill it, and bring its essence into your being 4. Really” – Robb Wolf, 2010, The Paleo Solution WOD 9/28/2010 Make up yesterdays lifting if you missed it. For time: 4 Rope Climbs 30 DB Push Presses 45/30lbs … Read More