Not Tricky

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8-31-2010 Last day to sign up for the camp out is today! If you only want to come for a day or two, please email Rochelle. 5 rounds: Run 400m rest 10 sec 35 Double Unders rest 2 min Mobility: 1 trip each: Blade walks Instep walks Heel walks Achilles walks Ball of foot walks + Lunge stretch I took … Read More

Stronger, Smarter

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8-30-2010 September 1st is the last day to register for the camp out this weekend. A. Hang Power Clean + Front Squat: 6 x (1+2)x3; rest 2 min + 5 sets: 5 Paused Box Jumps for height AMRAP Deadhang pullups rest 2 min + 3 min Airdyne for max RPM or Cals – a high level goal to shoot for … Read More

“300 FY” Is Here

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8-27-2010 CrossFit Total Find your 1 RM Backsquat Press Deadlift Post +/- to comments as you lift today We got the bike you need for the 300 FY. What is 300 FY? Daily Mobility WODs from K-Star! This is awesome and if anything, do this everyday.

Totally Prepared

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8-26-2010 CrossFit Total tomorrow and/or Saturday A. Hang Power Snatch: 8 x 1; 70% effort max. Rest as needed, keep technique crisp. B. Airdyne 30 units @ 110% x 4; rest ~ 4 min b/t intervals. – 110% means “turn it up to 11”. If you are not feeling tummy tumbles, you didn’t go 110%, you didn’t see Jesus as … Read More