Who’s Who: Brock!

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WOD 7/27/2010 Make up the squating if you missed it. 3 Rounds, not for time: 5 Over-barrier Burpees 9 Rope Climbs + rest 5 min when done. + 5 rounds for reps: 30 sec burpees 30 sec rest Flexibility/Mobility Instructor led: 10 floor PVC pullovers + 10 sec hold 10 PVC Active Lift + 10 sec hold 90/90 Hip stretch … Read More

“Everyone Has A Right To A Healthy Snatch”

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7-26-2010 1) The class poll results are in. With a landslide decision (95%), evening classes will be 4:30, 5:30, 6:30 pm. This starts on August 2nd, Monday. The online schedule for that week has already been changed. Thanks to everyone who sent us feedback! 2) Games team workout this Saturday. 3) Save the Dates! Annual gym campout on Labor Day … Read More

Event 3

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7-23-2010 2010 CrossFit Games Highlights – now are you ready to train?!? A. Deadlift: 15 x 1 @ 65% of actual max, one rep every minute on the minute. 20X1 tempo. + AMRAP in 7 minutes? Deadlift 50% 1RM x 7 (315/205 is RX) Run 20m Pistols x 14 Double Unders x 21 Run 20m (Athletes go in heats) Modified … Read More


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7-22-2010 This Saturday, we will be having one big class, 7:30 AM rolling start. Show up at 7:30 am or sometime by 8:00 am. Please sign up online so we know how many of you are coming! Even if it is “full”, we will put you into the class from the waitlist. If you are signed up now and not … Read More