Running to Lose Weight

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5-4-2010 Post times to comments Make up yesterday’s squats if you missed them. 5 Rounds: AMRAP Power Cleans in 20 sec- use 50% 1RM 200m sprint (to far corner) Walk back – ~ 3 min rest b/t sets. If you have a wristwatch to time it, bring it! Mobility: Blade, instep, and heel walks x 50 ea. 90/90 hip stretch … Read More

Who’s Who: Sean!

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WOD 5/3/2010 Girls Day this Saturday! If you are a gal and interested in CrossFit, check it out. Post load/time to comments A1. Back Squat 65%1RM x 5; 75% 1RM x 3; 85% 1RM x amrap. Rest 2 min; perform @ 20X0 tempo. You must maintain tempo on amrap set! A2. Kipping Pullups unbroken x 60% of your max + … Read More