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4-20-2010 Make up yesterday’s squats if you missed them. Skill day: A. Turkish Get-Ups – 4 x 3/3; rest 2 min b/t sets. Work up to a moderately heavy weight, focus on keeping shoulder down and packed. B. One Arm KB Swings – 1 set; AMRAP w/o stopping. Switch hands every rep, you choose the weight. Can you do 100+? … Read More

Who’s Who’s: Ken!

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4-19-2010 Last day to receive the early bird discount on On Ramp, starting April 26th! Post load/reps to comments. Starting Wendler, phase 2. Remember, add at most 10 lbs to your MAX for squatting/deadlifting and then do the percentage of that. A. Back Squat 55%1RM x 5; 65% 1RM x 5; 75% 1RM x amrap. Rest 3 min b/t sets; … Read More

Who’s Who: Christine!

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WOD 4/16/2010 Post load/time to comments A. Deadlift 3 x 5 @ 21X0 use 40%1RM, 45%1RM, 50%1RM  Quickly, minimal rest. B.  400m sandbag carry for time: use 1/2 BWT. rest 3 min when done C. Farmer’s Walk x 50m; 4 sets, rest 2-3 min b/t walks.  Work up to the heaviest load possible.  You must reach a weight that makes … Read More

4-5-6-7 pm question

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4-15-2010 Post time to comments In the newsletter earlier this week, I asked for some feedback regarding 4,5,6,7 pm class start times. I’ve heard from some and would like more! Post your thoughts to comments 1) Yesterday’s presses if you missed them. 2) For time: 6 Rope Climbs 25 Ring Dips 10 Ground to Overhead 135/95lb 10 min rest Row … Read More