Who’s Who: Phil

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2-4-2010 6:30 PM tonight has a waitlist. If you are not coming, cancel asap. WOD On a 10 minute timer: Row 2000m AMRAP Double unders in the remaining time. From OPT Big Dawg Challenge 3 Post your time/reps to comments Mobility Stretch Focus Heel walks x 50 Blade walks x 50 Instep walks x 50 Prone scorpions If remaining time, … Read More

Fat Is Not Your Enemy

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2-3-2010 The tide is turning on the diet-heart hypothesis. A recent review paper took an extensive look at research regarding saturated fat and cardiovascular disease and the conclusion is unpopular, turns the food pyramid sideways, and is here for you to see. 5 rounds for time of: 3 Overhead Squats* 6 Front squats* 9 Back squats* 12 Sit ups * … Read More

Paleo Challenge Forum is Open

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2-2-2010 6:30 PM class tonight has a healthy wait list going. If you are not coming, cancel your spot asap. A) Weighted Dip 3-3-3 try to increase from last week. B) AMRAP in 7 min: 10 Ring dips 10 Wallballs 20/14# 1 Rope climb Mobility: x3 rounds: Cobra to Down dog to Elevated Scorpion L/R 2 x 8 Flange Pushups … Read More