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1-19-2010 1) Hang Power snatch + hang squat snatch + full squat snatch x 1+1+1. 7 sets, focus on technique. 2) 5 rounds for time: 6 Squats 3/3 Lunges 3/3 Jump Lunges 6 Jump Squats Mobility: Shinbox switches Lying thread the needle 90/90 hip stretch Pigeon pose Congrats Laura on getting your Level 1 skills completed last night! Level 2??? … Read More

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1-18-2010 Lou Mars, member of CrossFit Norcal and professional drummer, has been drumming for over 5 days STRAIGHT! He is going for the record and trying to hit 120 hours. You’ve got to see it to believe it and send your energy & support to keep him going. 1) 10 min muscle-up practice, alternate w/ L-sit holds. 2) “Rhiannon” AMRAP … Read More

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1-16-2010 “Tabata This” Tabata intervals (20sec work/10 sec rest x 8) of: Squats Rower Pullups Pushups Situps Heather, Awesome job on “Diane”! Those Hespu’s were stellar. On Ramp, just one week left before joining our classes! First day of Scott’s Shoulder Mobility course. Everyone gets personally assessed. Next week, we continue to climb

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1-15-2010 “Diane” 21-15-9 rep rounds: Deadlift 225/155 lbs. Handstand Pushups Mobility: 10 basic spinal rocks 10 spinal rocks into twist 7/7 shinbox switches Thread the needle Prone scorpions This has been a great PR week at the gym with many members hitting new strides in their training. Des push pressed 145, over body weight! Kristi hung from the bar and … Read More