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1-25-2010 Dont forget about the 7 Week Paleo Challenge! Signup deadline is Jan 27th. Warm Up 1) 3 min DROM 2) 2 trips PVC lunge w/twist 20 KB swings w/close trajectory 10 spinal rocks 10 leg shooots 3) M-W-F 5 min handstand walking practice 15 wrist pushups T-Th-Sa 2 rounds: 3 Skin the cats 1-5 Tuck front lever pullups WOD: … Read More


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1-22-2010 AMRAP in 20 min? 5 Knees to elbows 10 Box jumps 24/20″ 15 Situps Mobility: 4 sets hand bridge holds – 10-30 sec Prone scorpions 5/5 Supine scorpions 1min/1min Look what happened to Elle last night 🙂 elle strict pullup from CrossFit Portland on Vimeo. Tomorrow, the first On Ramp of 2010 finishes with a retest of Baseline. Judging … Read More

You Are Benched, Seriously

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1-21-2010 A1) Bench Press 5-5-5 A2) Weighted Pullup 1-1-1 (alt. with 2 min rests b/t each after warmup) B1) AMRAP Press 75/45lbs B2) AMRAP Ring Rows @ 4020 tempo (3 sets ea, rest 90 sec b/t each) Mobility: 3 rounds: 10 OH squat stretch w/bottom hold 5 slow wall slides I wish I got a picture of this achievement last … Read More

Have You Heard ?

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1-20-2010 Whether you eat Paleo or have not fully tried it yet (no dairy, legumes, grains – replace with veggies, fruit, and lean meats), I bet you have had discussions with your friends, co-workers, and family about it. More often than not, they think you are crazy and tell you to listen to your doctor, get your blood work checked, … Read More