The 15 challenge….

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01/29/2010 1) Power Snatch + 2 OH squats + Hang Squat Snatch – 10 sets w/full rest between. Focus on technique and catching deep in the HSS! 2) OH Squat – Try for a heavy set of 15 unbroken reps. Take 2 attempts only. Cooldown: 4 sets hand bridge holds – 10-30 sec Prone scorpions 5/5 Supine scorpions 1min/1min With … Read More

Zip It

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1-28-2010 Bald Hills Farms is coming this Saturday to the gym! Bring cash or checks to purchase your quality grass fed meats. You can also pre-order by giving them a call. They will be here around 12:30, during the Paleo lecture. 1) Weighted Dips 3-3-3 2) 4 rounds for time: No matter which station you start at, start each round … Read More

Last Day to Join the Paleo Challenge!

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1-27-2010 Last day to sign up for the Paleo challenge! 100 sandbag get-ups for time (50/50) Use ~50-60% bodyweight Heavy sweaters, bring a towel or two! Mobility: x3: Cobra to downdog Supine scorpion x 1 min ea. side Show Topics from Robb Wolf’s latest Paleosolutions Podcast – lots of good stuff, checkout the one before last. Lou Mars Discussion Preworkout … Read More

Proper Footwear

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1-26-2010 If you are signed in tonight to the 6:30 pm class, make sure you are coming! There are people on the waitlist. If not, cancel early. 1) Power Clean & Press 5-4-3-2-1 2) Teams of 3 – row 12 minutes for total meters; switch rowers on the minute. Mobility: 3 rounds: 10 OH squat stretch w/bottom hold 5 slow … Read More