First One Is The Hardest

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11-18-2009 1) Back squat 55% max x 2. 8 sets, 45 sec rest b/t sets. Speed on the concentric! 2) 5 rounds for best power ratio: Sprint row 30 sec @ 100% effort Rest 2:30 min. (alternate w/3 partners) Power ratio = total avg. wattage of all five 30 sec intervals divided by your bodyweight in lbs. Mobility: 2 rounds: … Read More

Heart Push Ups

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11-17-2009 4 minutes AMRAP of each of the following: Box jumps 20/18 Unanchored situps Jumping deck squats Side semi swings rest 2 min b/t exercises Jenny using positive imagery and Care Bear symbolism to get through those push ups. Thank you craigslist! An old school Airdyne bike coming to a WOD near you. You twisted your ankle? No problem, we … Read More

Are you Investing in your Future?

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Most often, we tend to think of food as just something to fill us up. Most Americans put little more thought into what they eat than: a) does it taste good and b) am I full? Sure, they might avoid a few things popularly thought to cause disease such as bacon or bon-bons, but for the most part, almost no … Read More

Stay On Tempo

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11-16-2009 Warm-up: 1) Fun with dumbbells 2) Pick one strength/skill exercise from the list; do 2 sets. Perform all reps at a 3-2-1-1 tempo. The 1st number is seconds to eccentrically lower, the 2nd number is seconds of pause in stretched position, the 3rd number is seconds to lift, the 4th number is seconds of pause at end of lift. … Read More