PR Day: Back Squat

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11-24-2009 Go for a 1 Rep Max PR in the Back Squat! Oh, please take a ride on “Satan’s Tricycle”. PR’s come in all forms. Before, 6 weeks ago in the mobility class. Brock is in the orange Jason. You can’t see his head, he is right behind Jessica. His fingers are reaching and can’t quite touch the wall. See … Read More

PR Day: Press

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11-23-2009 1) Press – work up to a 1RM. Testing day…PR time! 2) For time: (you may switch between exercises at will) 12 rope climbs/24 rope rows 60 presses (use 55% today’s max) Mobility: 1 trip seal walk 10 wrist pushups November evening On Rampers, just one week away from completing On Ramp! Athletic Skill Levels Most people training at … Read More

PR Day: Deadlift

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11-20-2009 1) Deadlift – work up to a 1RM Testing day – take plenty of time and set a PR! Current PRs today. All of these members followed instructions 🙂 2) 3 x 10 toes to bar DROM: 2 rounds: 12 spinal rocks pike stretch seated twist L/R Cobra Shoulder bridge Krystal just finished personal training to prepare for CrossFit … Read More

Dare to Get Down

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11-19-2009 1) Snatch balance 3-3-3-3 2) 21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 rep rounds for time: Star jumps DB Push press 35/25 Double unders Craig B., 2.99 power ratio on yesterdays row off.