The Challenge Is In Your Head

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6-03-2009 1) L-pullups x 3 sets 2) 4 rounds: 400m run Rest 3 minutes Time each 400m individually DROM: tibialis stretch x 2 down dog ankle mobility x 20/20 4 each side of the following flow: lunge to lizzard to pigeon to shinbox switch to pigeon to lizzard to lunge Bootstrappers x 15 The Foam Rollers are finally here! Sore … Read More

Hygge (“Hooga”)

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6-2-2009 1) Deadlift 3-3-3 2) AMRAP in 6 min? Deadlift 115% BW x 12 Pushups x 24 DROM: shinbox w/rotation prone scorpions supine scorpions standing spinal DROM Hello again Crossfit Portland. In this second blog post I will explain a bit about the society and traditions in Denmark. General society, the concept of hygge and food/food culture will be the … Read More

GB Seminar Recap

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6-1-2009 1) Hang Power Snatches 1-1-1-1 2) 5 Rounds, NO FRACTIONING 7 Hang Power Snatchs 95/65 9 CTB Pull Ups 11 Knees to Elbows Portland represent! We were out in force for the seminar – left to right: Ramman, Coach Sommer, Jason, Rochelle, Scott, Andy (honorary member from Phoenix), Ido, XX, Jeff, and Adam. Last weekend was one of the … Read More