“Scraped Shins”

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05-04-2009 7 rounds: 10 burpees 10 Deadlifts @ 65% max 10 box jumps 24″ rest 90 seconds ROM/compensation: 5 rounds: 5 spinal rocks 1/1 anchor bridge 10 wrist pushups


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05-02-2009 “Wingman” 3 rounds, w/partner 800m run carrying 45lb plate at each corner, do 10 pushups & 10 squats At the gym, do 10 pullups, 10 push presses, and 10 squats If plate touches ground, both do 5 burpees. #### One of the assessments that I do with my clients is the HCL test to check for proper digestion and … Read More


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5-01-09 Grace 30 Clean & Jerks 135/95 ROM: Cossack squat switches shinbox switches mobility burpees Tonia, first rope climb! How does it feel? The advanced class took on the Great Basin Qualifer WOD challenge of snatches and sandbag 100 M sprints. Our sandbags were a little light (80/60) but the run was slightly uphill. Eric clocks in at 4:07!