Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

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2-4-2009 100 pushups/clapping pushups. Every time you must stop, do 15 kettlebell swings. ROM work: Prone scorpion x 5/5 Elevated scorpion x 5/5 Kneeling neck release (instructor) Beginners Class: Heavy Front Squats! Julie sent us an interesting article highlighting the benefits of maximum intensity exercise. Looks like more Tabatas for everyone. Check it out here! – Short Bursts of Exercise … Read More

Push or Split It

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2-3-2009 Row 500m 15 DB/KB clean & Jerks Row 500m 12 DB/KB clean & Jerks Row 500m 9 DB/KB clean & Jerks ROM work: 3 rounds: 5/5 elbow rotation pushups Bridge x 10-20″ Table x 20″ Shinbox switch x 5/5 Welcome aboard Travis, and pace yourself! Who is that masked stranger? If you come to a beginner’s class, you might … Read More

Jenny’s Commitment Turns Into Gains

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Jenny plays Ultimate Frisbee on a Portland womens team and she has been diligently training at CrossFit Portland since the beginning of December ’08. She committed to 6 AM workouts, 3 days/week, full Paleo nutrition regimen, and BioSignature measurements(looks at your hormonal profile based on ratios of body fat deposit sites). After two months of technique building and focused strength … Read More

Max Gains

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2-2-2009 5 rounds, with recovery: Max reps Back squat @ bodyweight Max reps handstand pushups 10″ on, 20″ off hollow holds. 8 rounds. Dynamic ROM work: X2: Spinal rocks x 15 Shoulder bridge x 30″ Wrist pushups x 10 Beginners Class: renegade rows, jump rope, rope rows