Home Run

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1-24-2009 3 rounds strict press X2 + push press X3 use 80% max rest 2-3 min. X2 run 800 m 50 ball slams 50 push balls Cool down x 3 each side Hip flexor lunge to Hamstring sit back. x 3 Downdog to 5/5 single flat heel Yes, more first time rope climbers this week! Phil, Kurt and Lucrecia, and … Read More

Pull Together

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1-23-2009 6 X’s with recovery deadlift 75% X3 rope climb 3 Rounds for time 15 deadlifts 50% of max 20 double unders Cool down X3 each side lizzard lunge to pigeon to lunge to frog The resemblance is uncanny Nice rip…Z’s done this before!

Fine Tuning

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1-22-2009 7 Rounds (technique focus) Power snatch X2 + OH Squat X3 Finisher DB walking lunges one arm OH Cool down X2 pole press X 7 slow wall slides X7 slow It is the week of first time rope climbs! Nice job Nicholas, Heather, Claire, and Karen! When that 5K kicked off, it sounded like a cannon! Bill, cranking under … Read More

A Tabata Timer, and 5k Fun

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Our old friend Kyle – from the Academy of Kung Fu – sent the following link along. Now, you can enjoy Tabata intervals at home! The Tabata Timer 01-21-2009 Team workout – as a team row 5K for time. Teams of 3. Rules: 1) The teammate rowing is only allowed 16 pulls, then you must switch. 2) After coming off … Read More