Home Improvements

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There are lots of things to work on at the gym, and some of you come all of the time and have enough access to work on things at the gym. But remember also that we’re giving you the tools so you can practice skills and things at home and continue to improve in the areas that you want to … Read More

Build Your Gymnastic Body!

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1-28-2009 Adding 9 AM Saturday class to our schedule this weekend! So, Saturday class at 9 AM and 10 AM. Some of us have been following GymnasticBodies.com and doing the WOD on that page for a couple of weeks now. Immensely gratifying and humbling. Moving heavy weights is fun and impressive…but when you see a kid do this, it really … Read More


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1-27-2009 1) 3 rounds of practice; rotate ev. 90 seconds: Cartwheels P-bar swings 2) “Annie” 50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds of: Double unders Situps ROM Work: X 5: Down dog calves x 10/10 Cobra x 20″ Shinbox switch x 3/3 Nick found a great alternative to the 45lb bar!

Straighten You Up

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1-26-2009 1) 5 rounds for load: 6 Front Squats (add weight each round, but no missed reps) 8 DB strict presses (add weight each round) 2) 4 rounds for time: 3 Weighted pullups 25# 30 steps Walking OH Lunge 45/25 ROM work: Pole press x 5 Wall Slides x 5 Slow! Beginners Class: Thrusters!