Happy New Year

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01-01-2009 WOD – It’ll be fun. Just come in to find out and no excuses from your News Years debauchery! Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for On Ramp! If you are making a healthy-new-me New Years resolution, then there is no better option than On Ramp. DON’T MAKE THIS PURCHASE your New Years resolution! By February there … Read More

Heck, Why Not?

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12-31-08 Happy New Year and be safe! Oh, did you get your workout journal yet? Why not? Get one for the New Year! “Fran all together” 45 thrusters 45 pull ups For a period of time on CrossFit.com, back in the day, the Fran workout was tweaked and experimented with. It is too bad that Scott was around for it … Read More


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Tuesday 12-30-2008 Tabata box jumps 5 x 500 meter rows with 3-4 minute rest (shoot for 10 seconds above your best 2000 meter row pace) CONGRATS to both Tami and Lael for getting their first rope climbs and multiple times up too! I could not climb rope before CrossFit and it is one of my biggest and most memorable achievements. … Read More

Pull and Push

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Front squats and jumping pullups on a quiet Saturday. Monday: 6 rounds, full rest Deadlift 80% 1RM X 3 Single arm DB/KB press X 5/5 Also, check out the Joint Health and Movement class Monday night. We’ll be working thru the many different versions of the four corner balance drill.