But where’s the rum?

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In true pirate form, today’s workout was a little squirley. It had a great way of sneaking up on you. Even though some were ready to walk the plank by then end, everyone did a great job! Row me harties! Row!

A$$ to Ankles Squat

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Saturday 11-22-08 “Cut Throat” Row Knees to Elbows Slam Balls, Plank Outs with reference point Pat, great job developing your deep back squat! Below parallel and spine is erect…didn’t see that a few weeks ago. Kettlebell swings on the minute, Tabatta V-ups

Backsquat Time

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Friday 11-21-08 Backsquats 5 x 5 Double Dose of MetCons 1) w Partner Heavy KB Swing 8 x 8 reps, switch off, do within a minute. 2) Tabatta V-Ups It felt like old times! You and your buddies spotting each other as you benchpress heavy in the globo gym. It’s so much better for max reps with a nice side … Read More

Get It Lynn!

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Thursday 11-20-08 “Lynn” 5 Rounds Max reps BW floor press, Max reps pull ups Jay strict presses 190, over his BW!!! Ninja training How’s everyone’s November Paleo Challenge going?