Level Up

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Friday 10-03-2008 30 Muscle Ups for time or Pull ups, Dips, and L-Sits We practiced Skin the cats, headstand wall presses (Thanks Jason!), and pullovers tonight. Basic gymnastic skills that can be a wicked total body workout. Technique in these abilities are just as important as brute strength. Afterwards, “Jackie” paid everyone a visit!

Monday Night Mobility

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If you haven’t already checked out our Mobility, Flexibility, and Recovery class on Monday night – drop in this week. We will be selecting a mobility goal for the month, and devising individual strategies to attain that goal. For a little more insight, check my blog post here.

Corn Maize!

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Last night, we took a special trip out to the Corn Maize on Sauvie Island for a fun workout. Scavenger hunt meets burpees – wholesome fun for the whole family! Sorry I missed it so post to comments and let us all know what was your favorite part!

Jackie And Friends

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Thursday 10-02-2008 “Jackie” 1000 M Row 50 Thrusters 45 lb bar 30 Pull ups Do before or after: 10 Skin the Cats 15 Headstand Presses 5 Pull Overs Hope everyone had fun at the Corn Maize workout…pictures coming soon