Hold On

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Saturday 11-01-08 With Partner 100 Pull ups each, only one person can be on the bar everytime you get off bar, 10 push ups 20 Clubbell Side Swings Adam Neiffer, a new trainer at CrossFit Portland, is helping Kiersten with her DB Snatch form. We are super excited to have Adam’s excitement and enthusiasm here at CrossFit Portland. You might … Read More

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Friday 10-31-08 10 Rounds 1 HSPU (Handstand Push Up Variations) 2/2 Heavy DB Snatch 3/3 Pistols, weighted if necessary 4/4 MB Toss High hurdle jumps for Jay C. Jenn, repping over BW on the backsquats.

Hip Drive

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Thursday 10-30-08 Back Squat 5 x 5 50 x Burpee + Lateral Jump over hurdle/cone/weight bar Womens Only CrossFit class – Welcome Kimberly to CrossFit Portland! The ladies really pulled out all of the stops and showed what the CF Girl workouts are all about! Congrats to Lisa and Audrey for pulling an amazing time! Kimberly and Heather did an … Read More

Annie, Are You Ok?

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Wednesday 10-29-08 “Annie, sort of” 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders Partner Ball Situps Jen, cyclocross class A rider, a new member at CrossFit Portland gets 113 x 2 on her overhead squat. It’s her first time overhead squatting and the behind the neck push jerk to the get weight was cake. Something about fast riders and just speedy and strong push jerks. … Read More