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Every once in a while, we will bust out a longer endurance-focused workout. Got to keep all of you on your toes! Monday’s was a CrossFit Triathlon of sorts with running, rowing, and double unders. Sadly, the photoging ran into some technical difficulties so no pictures from the workout. Garry busted it out with a workout best of 20 minutes … Read More


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5 ape swing traverses 5 3-points of contact traverses practice precision jumps through obstacle course deadlift heavy 3 x 3 We have had a great week here at CrossFit Portland. We ended it with more Parkour elements and functional movements on the bar besides just pull-ups all the time. I can’t believe how lucky we are to have you wonderful … Read More

Fight Gone Bad And Pics From Wednesday

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We are prepping for the annual Fight Gone Bad fundraiser event and did one this morning. Lots of new faces and visitors stopped in today! What a way to get introduced to CrossFit for the first time. Nate, Kirsten, Colin, Jill, Jamie, and Laney all pressed the pedal to the floor today! Jamie, nice mobility in the OHS warm-up Here … Read More