1st Annual Portland CrossFit Challenge

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This past Sunday was the 1st annual Portland CrossFit Challenge! The think-tank of Nick(CF HEL), Jason(CF Clackamas), and our very own Scott organized a great event for the competitors and it was a perfect Sunday afternoon for the challenge. The workout really had some interesting components – basic movements like squats and push ups, rarely practiced CrossFit obstacles like running … Read More

Ultimate Frisbee Players Hit CrossFit Hard

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I had the pleasure to introduce CrossFit Portland to Shar, Julie, and Michelle – three local Ultimate Frisbee players! Ultimate is a fast and intense team sport requiring explosive first step ability, ability to react to stimuli with fluid agility, and a high anaerobic capacity. Their first workout was: 21-15-9 Kettlbell Swings Wall Balls Jumping Pull Ups Ultimate players need … Read More


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I’m not talking about French Crawlers, those delectable fried doughy pieces of insulin hammers. This Saturday morning was bear crawls and thrusters. 5 Rounds Bear crawl length of gym with dumbbells 15 Thrusters with same dumbbells Welcome to Tiffany and Katie on their first CrossFit Portland workout! Both did Baseline with excellent intensity and pushed each other hard! When you … Read More

400 M Repeats

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The focus was on running sustainable fast 400 M sprints on Friday. 4 rounds of barbell technique work through deadlifts, power cleans, push press, press, front squat 4 x 400 M repeats Full recovery between each You are trying to get the same time or faster on your runs. The full recovery gives you the opportunity to work the technique … Read More