Scott’s Blog Returns to Life…

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With the move to the new building, I am going to try to keep my blog active. The link is to the right, or you can access it here. Check out a reply to a few questions about Paleo eating from handstand master Jason.

What Do I Eat for Breakfast?

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A very common question I get when people try to switch to a Paleo/Zone style of eating: what the heck do I eat for breakfast!? I understand the confusion, since in our culture, breakfast usually means a processed carb-fest. However, you will have to buck the popular culture somewhat when it comes to breakfast. Remember, if you want a different … Read More

Back To Heavy

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5 x 3 Heavy Press 5 x 5 Heavy Kettlebell/Dumbbell Windmills 400M Partner Sandbag Carry for time Practice Shoulder Bridge, Hand Bridge variations. Looking Strong Des! Tim with a new PR in the Press Keep your eye on the Kettlebell Those are sandbags everyone…

In the Beginning…

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First WOD at the new location and we celebrated and remembered where we came from. Special welcome to Andrew, AJ, and Wendy on their first CrossFit Portland workout! “In the Beginning…” Team Race 1300 points, one point for each day CrossFit Portland has been open. Row 100 Calories 600 WallBalls 600 Double Unders