We Have Pull Ups!

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We hoisted the pull bar up system yesterday and that was a fun little workout. Good thing we’ve been overhead squatting, push pressing, and front squatting all this time. One down, two more pull up bars still to come!

Crossfitting by Bike

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I haven’t been around CrossFit Portland as much as in the past but don’t think I’ve been off doing preacher curls and leg presses at the local Gold’s! In addition to making the occasional appearance at CFPDX I’ve been spending a decent amount of time in the saddle getting in some miles for fun, and for the upcoming cyclocross season. … Read More

“Running Bear”

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Warmup: Running form drills Workout: How many rounds in 20 minutes, alternating with a partner: 200m sprint 5 Deadlifts 5 Hang Power Cleans 5 Thrusters rest while partner does the same Thanks to everyone for helping carry the new pullup bar assembly inside. Have a great Independence Day weekend, and we’ll see you next week!

Do Not Forget Burpees

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It seems like a long time since we’ve re-visited the faithful burpee exercise… Warm-Up: Knees to Wall to warm up the pistol. You’ll need ankle flexibility if you want to get deep into that pistol squat. Strength: Pistol Squats and Variations 3 x 5 Weak/Dominant Leg in that order. 5 Rounds 30″ Burpees 30″ Plank & Plank Variations 30″ Burpees … Read More