370 Deadlift PR For Eric

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On Saturday, Eric went after a PR of 370 in the deadlift to get on the big board. The lift was intense and he pulled it off! 370 at 175 bodyweight gives him a deadlift ratio of over twice bodyweight, 2.11. Nice job Eric!

New Shirts Softer Than A Baby’s Bottom

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Our new shirts came in last week and they are amazing. Soft, fitted, light for summer, and a zen-inducing color mix. Hurry and get yours today through our online store before we run out. They are moving! Lael looking color balanced and Strong in her new cap sleeves! The tank top The back

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Inspired by the nostalgia of Super Mario Brothers, the Friday workout was The Konami Code, aka The Contra Code! Remember all those hours we could have been running outside and playing on the jungle gym instead of video games? 30 Kettlebell Snatch weak arm 30 Kettlebell Snatch strong arm 20 Pistol squats weak leg 20 pisto squats strong leg 400 … Read More


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My new favorite summer Thai dish of late is Larb (pronounced more like “Laap”). Lime, mint, shallots, ground chilies, and other flavors combine into an epic paleo-friendly meal. Traditionally eaten with sticky rice and your hands (a bit of rice, dab the larb, heaven), most restaurants will also provide a side of cabbage leaves or romaine to make laap wraps. … Read More