Highlights From Our Parkour Seminar

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The Parkour seminar with Rafe Kelley was awesome!!! Rafe Kelley is an exceptional teacher and broke down complicated movements and provided safe challenges for everyone. Personally, I have a pretty big fear when it comes to leaping onto objects, vaulting over them, and anything of that nature. Throughout the seminar, I and others were visibly progressing and picking up new … Read More

Parkour This Saturday!

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Scott playing with the rung precision jump platforms he just made for the parkour seminar this Saturday. CrossFit Portland Parkour Seminar spaces still available! Just sign up online through our online store.

Clean It Yourself

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The Clean is the first part of the Olympic event, Clean & Jerk. You lift a weight from the floor to standing up erect with the weight on your shoulders. It develops contractile explosiveness not only in hip extension (think jumping) but also quickness to flex back into a squat position after extending the bar. Thursday Workout: Clean from ground … Read More


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Scott’s been cooking again. He tried this workout first on Sunday and made sure it was digestible. Two Tabata row intervals with the basics sandwiched between them. CrossFit Clackamas visited us today for a workout and it was great meeting other local CrossFit trainers! Check out CrossFit Clackamas’s blog here and we’ll need to return the favor and see their … Read More