Goodness Graceness

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On Saturday, we took on one of the original CrossFit “lady” workouts called Grace. Grace is explosive Olympic lifting, large loads, and lots of it. A great recipe for very high work output but you also have to be very careful with form and technique. You can easily get sloppy with lumbar position once you start tiring or if you … Read More

CrossFit Nutrition Seminar

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Yesterday, I attended the dry run of the upcoming CrossFit nutrition seminars in Chico, CA. My friend Robb Wolf is the man behind these. His knowledge of Paleo/Zone nutrition for athletes is unmatched. Lots of theory on both the Paleo diet and the Zone, root causes of disease, and tweaking your diet for performance. He also touched a bit on … Read More

Basics Strength

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Strength – What a coincidence! The same night Scott goes heavy overhead at Physical Subculture, so do we. Overhead Squat – find your max Row 2K or practice muscle up transitions Travis got a huge PR at 150 for his overhead squat! It was great to see everyone going heavy on one of my favorite lifts. Basics – Thursday was … Read More